Thursday, April 22, 2010

Not Yet, but Any Day Now

Two days from now will be April 24th, the one year anniversary of starting this blog. It has been fun to take a look back and see the progress being made around here. The road ahead can be overwhelming at times, but I think momentum is in our favor and progress is gradually being made. The next month will be critical for getting several projects done (internal creek fencing, feed wagon, water wagon, building improvements, and tree work) before Janice's maternity leave is over. If you're asking, nope, no baby yet.

We got our female layers two days ago. They are barred rock chicks from Hoover Hatchery in Rudd, IA. They came a day earlier than expected and I was not quite ready so it made for a hectic day. The broiler chicks are now a week old and are doing fine, but the layer chicks have struggled a bit. They got a heat lamp with a red bulb and it makes a lot of heat, but it does not make a much light, so I don't think the chicks have really been eating or drinking like they should. That has been corrected and they look much better, but a few little chicks were just too weak and did not make it. That is the rub with animal agriculture: if you make a mistake, stuff can die. All you can do is learn from it not let it happen again. I hope to offer about a dozen 6 month old laying hens ready to lay for our customers in late October.

Barred Rock Chicks

I have had quite a few trials and trepidation with the sheep and cattle. They had a nice run of three days in a row with full blown escapes. Those internal fences would sure be nice to help limit how far the cattle especially can run. I ordered another piece of netting the other day from Premier One in Washington, IA and that should help out in the rotation process. If you are asking, nope no lambs yet. No kid and no lambs, both any day now.

I am still working on the feed wagon. I have scraped the interior, primed it, and painted it. I have also started to build the lid and have one half done. I hope to have it ready to go tomorrow and get my feed transfered into it.
The Farm in Spring

That is it on the farm for the time being. Spring is here and the flowers are in full bloom. It is worth it to stop and smell the flowers. I have and you should too.

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