Monday, June 8, 2009

Wow-what an intense weekend

We had a skid loader this weekend and a long list of tasks to address. I started on Friday by building a water catchment (small pond or scrap) to hold water that flows across our crop land. It turns out that  it is not big enough to hold all the water so I had to add a tile pipe so it can over flow into the field. Next time I will have to try a back hoe. It looks nice though.

I also started working on our fencing. I signed-up for a government program EQIP to help me put in the infrastructure (internal fencing, water well, above and below ground water lines, and waterers) for a decent grazing system. I may have bitten of way more then I can chew, but I will soldier on. I am in it for the long haul here. So the internal fencing started going in with the help of the skid loader auger attachment. Now I have to tap the posts in, and string the wire, sigh.

The chickens keep growing and eating. They are on a pace to eat me out of house and home. The business bank account is suffering for it. Despite all that, we are hanging in here and trying move the business forward. We also got our crop land disced and are hoping to get it seeded down here this week. We got our seed from Allendan Seed, by Winterset. They gave us a very reasonable price on a custom native grass pasture blend (mostly cool-season grasses). 
I will try to check in more often. Thanks for reading.