Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Big Machinery & Lots of Dirt Work

We have just made it through the storm that is our busiest week of the year on this farm.  After four deliveries in six days we are all ready for a break. Even my daughter said at our last delivery, "I don't want to deliver turkeys anymore." Along with deliveries, we have a contractor working on the new farm, and have had to bring the cows and sheep home from up the road because the weather has deteriorated sharply and stayed wintery.

About two weeks ago, I  recognized several realities. One, that I am going to be here on the old farm this winter. Two, that my new tractor was not up to the task of clearing the driveway and building site in a timely fashion (before December). Three, that we were going to need a contractor. So this means two things: that we had to find a contractor that would not break the bank and it means we will have to find hay to buy and have it brought to the old farm. I hired Tim Daugherty of Daugherty Construction out of Adel. He had done work on my Grandfather's place and I was impressed with how clean a job he did. I got to the site yesterday to continue with tree work and found a driveway waiting for me. That driveway is being rocked with a fabric base today.

Driveway Before

Driveway After

New Driveway from the Road

This driveway has been a giant pain. The revelation that a waterline was going to prevent our planned driveway from being a reality and negotiating with the county engineer's office took quite some time and energy. We had to go back and forth on whether or not it was even possible. Tim originally thought it would not work out, but I got him to come back and measure the site with an instrument. Turns out that it was really not that bad.  We are so glad it is done and we feel vindicated that our instincts were solid. Tim also cleared out the downed trees at the top of the hill and make a lane to the site we wanted to use for our house.

Before Looking into the Site From the Top of the Driveway

Driveway Toward the Future House Site

 Future House Site

I am eager to see the new farm later in the week, I am sure we will have more pictures. Tim has yet to clear out and level the area that the farm building will go on. Once he pushes the remaining fallen trees down to the pile, then he will take the leftover dirt from the driveway and level out the pad for the future garage. It is amazing how much bigger Tim's machinery is than my tractor. The bucket on his backhoe alone is as large as the entire operating station on my new tractor. It is cool to be around working large yellow iron. I am excited to see this project take a major step forward and stay tuned as we continue this crazy transition.