Saturday, September 26, 2015

Ranging Turkeys, Building a Home, Growing Children

Again I am sorry that it has been so long since my last blog post. Not having a hard-line Internet connection at home does make it pretty hard to get these posts put together.

The turkeys are coming along nicely. About a month ago, I moved them from the chicken tractor into a ranging setup. They needed a new roost, since the new one one did not make the trip from the old farm. 

Turkeys Walking Toward their Ranging Pen

Roosting Frame

Using the Roosting Frame

Turkeys Ranging in New Pen

We also have 90 chickens out on pasture right now. They are coming along well, they will get processed at the same time as the turkeys.

I have worked on a corral to load cattle. It is still very much incomplete, but it worked to load out our cattle to the locker. We tried to load an older cow that did not calf this summer, but she would have nothing to do with the corral, and we have yet to get her loaded up to the sale barn. 

Beginnings of a Cattle Loading Shute

We have made some progress on the house. The deck contractors have wrapped up their work. We have started painting the house. Janice continues to sand and stain the woodwork. I made some progress in the garage. 


Tool Storage

Bike Storage

Cooler Storage

The children are doing well. Our daughter has started Kindergarten and our son gets to spend time out of her shadow during the day. They play pretty well together and getting better at choring outside. It is crazy how quickly they grow-up.

Watering Sod

Holding Young Chick

Pulling the Trailer


That is it until next time. Deliveries are going well and we hope to see you at a delivery drop soon.