Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Limbo

February has come and gone and there is no massive activity to report. A couple of little highlights do rise to the surface and a worth sharing.

In early February, just after some of our coldest weather of the year, we had a calf from a first calf heifer. The little gal is all back and petty personable. Mom & calf have been inside almost the entire month so they pretty much ready to move outside.

First Calf Heifer with her First Calf

I have been taking stock of this year and what tasks we might get to this spring as well as identifying what resources we might need to finish out the winter.  I surveyed our hay the other day and we  are eating a bit more hay then I rationed. I believe I have a little over 30 days of hay. That means, we will run out of hay in early April, or about two weeks (4-5 bales of hay) ahead of where I wanted to be. Depending on how the spring plays out, we may have to buy a few bales 

We are staring to pull out our planning charts so we can work on our production timing. March is when we try to send out our customer newsletter to communicate our plans for 2013 and make our customers aware of opportunities to get special product or limited supplies of things. I looks like much of 2013 will be learning how to farm with two children. I still have the goal of adding to our exterior fence on the north-side of our property and on the east & west sides of the 10 acres I am currently renting. We will also try to put the finishing touches on the chicken building & do some dirt work. Dirt work would include tiling in front of our chicken building, adding a hydrant for the chicken building, and possibly extending our water system on the north side of the property a bit.  

In the next week, I need to move the new cow & calf outside, and move the ewes inside. We are not to far to the start of the lambing season. I hope to get 12-16 healthy and robust lambs this year. I also need to pull the bull out of the herd to avoid late fall/early winter calving next year. 

Not a lot of progress has really happened since January. I did manage to get on top of the poultry building and begin caping the top edge of the roof. I finished the task, except for the last 3 feet of a 39 foot roof. It helps if you buy enough raw material to finish the desired task. Sigh. 

Farm building seeing some trim progress

Our entire household has spent most of the month of February sick. We have all had head colds that developed into bronchial infections. We are almost all on medication now to try to break the cycle of starting to get get beater only to be just as sick as ever a few days later. 

Our Son is doing pretty good. We just weighed him today and he has cracked 15 pounds already. He is into cooing and making a vaiety of noises, as well has being assisted in standing. He did manage to roll over for the first time a about a week ago, that does not mean he is a fan of tummy time though.  

A Boy & His Mother

I tried an interesting experiment with our daughter early in the month. She is scared/dislikes snow. So I filled up a tub of snow and placed it in the kitchen sink so she could play with it, without the movement limitations of her winter clothing. She really enjoyed it and has generally been better around snow outside ever since. 

Playing with a Tub Full of Snow

Well that is it from the farm for now. Stay tuned next month as I have to be much more of a farmer again.