Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ewes Two Farmers Zero

So today is the due date, and no baby yet, but we did start having lambs. When I went out to the pasture late this morning, my favorite yew had blown her mucus plug and was in labor. I cam back an hour later and nothing. Janice came home early today so I encouraged here to come out to the pasture and look for mushroom and take a look at the sheep. We did not find any mushrooms today, but we have already found more this year then all of last year. For information on our favorite way to prepare morel mushrooms, take a look at Janice's blog:

By the time we got out to the past, Janice does not move very quickly, the lamb had just dropped her lamb and was cleaning it off.

First Lamb is a Ram

We sat down and watched for a while and a second lamb was born. I entered the pen when the cattle started become very curious by the happenings in the pen.  I helped the second lambs find the nipple so they could get that first drink of colostrum moving through their system.
Getting the first lamb to nurse while the second one gets cleaned

Still making sure the first lamb is nursing

Mother ewe and her little lambs
Because there is a significant storm moving over the area tomorrow, I am going to try to move a portable hut outside for the lambs and most pregnant ewes to utilize in case they decide to lamb tomorrow. I am planning on picking up cattle Saturday unless our baby decides to be born. I will let you know what happens.

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