Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Count Downs

9 days before first broiler chickens arrive. 23 days before baby due date. That pretty much sums everything up. I am racing to complete projects, get others started, and prep the building for chicks in just a matter of days. To complicate things, I got some food poisoning from some sketchy shrimp and lost the better part of two days over Easter weekend.

Never the less, progress continues. Before I got ill, Jim from Pella helped me chip several large piles of brush that were in the way. The result is some more open views of the farm where piles once sat. The Monday February, 8th post from 2010 has several pictures of the piles before chipping.

Once the site of our largest pile of tree limbs. The future sight of livestock corral system, hopefully this year, and in the not too distant future small building. 
Several smaller piles dotted this hillside, but are now gone.

There are still numerous piles of tree limbs behind the house on rough and often soggy ground. Some will be left of wildlife shelter, but most will be burned off. After I got sick, we did some tractor swapping. Although I like Grandpa's John Deere 2010, it needs a lot of work to be useful and does not fit into my little building. 

Grandpa's Old 2010

Accepting that my business does not use a tractor much, that it will cost a lot to get the 2010 running well, and it will cost even more to put a loader on it, I decided to part with it. It is currently for sale.

I picked-up a Massey Ferguson 135 with loader and blade over the weekend. Janice and my neighbor to the north, did all of the moving work. I spent my time, trying not to barf in the tiny truck back seat. 

The new to me Massy, tucked into the building (it is cosy folks 6" to spare)

Janice was a trooper while I was ill. We were a sorry set of farmers. Me sick as can be and Janice 8 month pregnant trying to run a farm for a couple of days. Needless to say, I am glad that is behind me, now back to the race.

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