Thursday, September 17, 2009

Slowly Chugging Along

Since I got back from Missouri, it has a very busy struggle to try to get ahead of things. I have been off the farm, far more then I would like to be with an INCA board meeting, acquiring a frost-free livestock waterer, and finishing getting caught-up on a little bit of dental work that I accumulated during that period of time when I was in grad school and had no dental coverage.

While I was in missouri, the well got drilled. It does not look like much, but it is an expensive 120 foot tube into the earth. The next step is to get the pump and pressure tank put in. All of my turkeys are out on pasture so I figured I would include a short video of them responding to me when I was out to feed them the other day. Tomorrow holds, more dental work, adding a trailer wiring harness to my grandfather's old pick-up, moving the last batch of broiler chickens outside, picking-up a shallow trencher to bury the electricity that needs to go to the well pump and pressure tank. If that all gets done, then I will be a happy guy. Wish me luck.

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