Saturday, September 12, 2009

Powerflex Fence Customer Appreciation

As I write this, I am headed back from Powerflex Fence customer appreciation day after spending the night in Jefferson City. This company is located in the Ozark region of MIssouri. The are know for there fence posts, which is a fiberglass and wood composite that does not conduct electricity, is very flexible, can be driven by post whole driver and has a 15 year warranty. Let us just say I bought a few, and some water line, energizer, step in posts, reals and braided poly twine, and a few other things.

One of the highlights of the day was being around a handful of grazers with experience in mob grazing or high density short duration grazing. There are not many folks with this experience so to get a handful in one space was priceless. I really enjoyed sitting next to Greg Judy while everyone was asking questions and just taking notes. I have included a picture of Greg Judy giving a presentation at the end of the day. My world view did not radically change, but the new paradigm that is being built in my mind is firming up and I am gaining the practical skills and bits of information to actually think about implementing it. I am convinced that what we learned in college about forage management must be changed. We are doing it wrong. We are not allowing grass to regrow fully between grazing events, we are not building soil, and we are not even beginning to reach the potential charring capacity of our land. I will find a producer who has dry cows to graze next spring and we will begin to reawaken our soil on the places I have not yet been able to have animals.

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