Monday, August 3, 2009

I will be off the farm today. My Grandfather is in a steep decline and I am going to pay him a visit. My grandfather is just a really good man who has spent much of his life as a mechanic and business owner and has tried to help his family out wherever possible. I just wish I could have learned more from him when he could get around better. I recall a brief conversation we had on the farm just after we bought the place. He came up to me grinning and said, "I never thought that my grandson would be farming in Marion County." I replied that, "Technically we we're two miles into Jasper County. You never know where life will take you." Grandpa grew up on a 40 acre farm on the southern edge of Marion County. That would be 30 miles strait south of our 40 acre farm on southern edge of Jasper County.

On another note. We have had a lot of publicity recently.
We were in the Des Moines Register on Sunday, August 2nd, in the Iowa Life section. We have a nice piece on Des Moines Juice website:
We are the ones living on a shoestring.

And a couple of weeks ago we were interviewed by a local Marion County radio station KNIA/KRLS on their In Depth radio show by Dr. Bob Leonard.

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