Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Tractor is Here.....

It has been in the works for some time to move my grandfathers tractor the 40 miles from where it is in storage to our farm where it would be greatly appreciated. I also came-up with a great deal on a John Deere rotary mower from the same time period. Yesterday, a neighbor and me loaded the tractor in Columbia and then drove down south of Chariton to get the mower. Round trip was about 100 to 110 miles. We encountered no major problems and got everything hooked-up and running. I took it out for a maiden voyage last evening and had a good time. There are some minor issues with the tractor. The exhaust is cracked off the block and will need a new exhaust head or some RJ weld to hold it together. The hole exhaust is goofy and I will likely put a proper exhaust pipe back on the tractor. The brakes have some issues. The left wheel brake binds and the right side is pretty loose. You can brake the wheels individually for tight turns, but when you slap down on the brakes it is easy to hit them both and then you easily lock the left side-up and flip left. Needless to say, that will need some attention. I will be working through the fluids this week and hope to hit the new field planting by the end of the week and knock down the weeds so they don't go to seed and become a major problem for the planting next year. For tractor enthusiasts, it is a John Deere 2010 with a John Deere 127 Gyramor Rotary Cutter. I have to knock out some consulting this week, finish double bagging birds and weighing them, move turkeys outside, prep the brooder for the second round of turkeys that should be here thursday morning, tamp and set a few field posts, work over the tractor fluids, and mow the new grass planting. A fun and busy week ahead with lots of things I have never done before ahead of me. Until next time.

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