Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Grazing the sheep along the timber line

The riding mower is dead and the sheep are being employed to clean-up the timber line and cut down on mowing. I included a picture of the sheep. I picked up 1o more laying hens that are two months from laying and the 27 hens I started in the spring have moved outside. I am struggling with my turkeys. We have had an illness or some substantial genetic defects that have taken out a number of birds. I am getting back into cleaning things up around here that have been aloud to get out of control, like the yard, flower beds, gardens, business books, and some other odds and ends. I also had an auction last weekend where got a great deal on 10 old wooden chicken transporting crates. It was a little frustrating that a few few people bought things for novelty like stainless steel milk containers and an egg scale, but that is life. I have another one this weekend, so lets see how that goes. I fried my forehead with a terrible sunburn so next time lots of sunscreen.

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