Thursday, July 16, 2009

Purple Palms

I did our July Iowa Food Cooperative run today. It went alright with no major snags except for the mulberries. Last month I decided I would sell just about anything to keep the money flowing in and business bank accounts healthy. I decided to sell mulberries, 12 pounds of them. This is a common issue with me, I want to scale-up just a little too much and I get burned or beat-up doing it. I did that last year when I scheduled chickens, and this year when I tried to raise 320 chickens all in one go. I guess if I am going to do something I want to go at it aggressively and I just struggle to be a bit more conservative. Anyway, it is not easy to come up with 12 pounds of mulberries all in one go. The trees that I usually go to just did not have it in them, and I did not realize how hard to come by a good mulberry tree is. So many had not fruit at all, leading me to believe that they must have separate male and female trees. I have included a picture of me with a pound of mulberries so you get a feel for how many are in a pound. I have to try and spruce the place up for company as we are hosting my sisters baby shower this weekend. I am going to be an uncle next month.

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