Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Busy Weekend

We we got a lot done around here over the past few days. I serviced the mover and got through the front yard for the first time of the year. I hope to get the back yard tomorrow, but I have to help do some set-up for Pella Tulip Time. I finished removing a rock flower bed in the front yard and got that seeded down. The retail space has been cleaned-up, a second shop has now been set-up, and the last concrete footer for an overhang to be located over the door of our retail space (it will keep the water away from the building and add some more shade). We also got our business sign finally hung, that took forever so I added a picture. The fun thing for the weekend was finding a few morel  mushrooms. Breaded and panfried they are simply amazing. A good weekend, but I am a little tired. The chickens continue to grow and are quickly leaving the cute stage and getting ready to move outside.

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