Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Quick Update

I have been running ragged here, but forward progress is being made.
I have the promised picture of the hay racks.
The chickens are growing like crazy. This picture was taken at two weeks, right now we are getting close to three weeks. They are ready to go out side, so it is just a matter of favorable weather and getting all of their pens together. My brother (Derick) was here with the rest of the family for Mother's Day so we got the pens moved to their proper position for the year. I have been repairing them and getting them ready to go.  The 2 old metal pens are ready to go, but the 2 hoop pens need some more work. 

I have also been planting trees like crazy. We got 200 trees and bushes, and we are pretty much down to just under 50 trees.  I have some pictures of all the trees when I was closer to 100 trees waiting to hit the ground.

Lots to do and a very busy schedule awaits me this week.

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