Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring is Coming FAST...

Well two days ago I went out and took a picture of our Serviceberry in full bloom. We have some family coming this weekend so I have been trying to some cleaning and finish some outdoor projects. I just made two sheep hay feeders out of old hog crates. I will have to get you a picture. I also have been continuing to clear trees and trying to get the other 200 trees we ordered in the ground (we have about 130 left to go).  The chickens are coming along well, we have lost 3 so we are down to 339 chickens, but our brooder loss is less than 1%, so I am very pleased with that so far. They have almost tripled in size already, and next week I will have to start repositioning and repairing pens (I have to build one, but it is a pretty easy design). So a busy week ahead.

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