Saturday, March 6, 2010

Just Me & the Chainsaw

Historically, our farm was largely open grassland with a few trees here and there. There are numerous remnant prairie species all over the farm. About 12 to 15 years ago, cattle were removed from the farm and since then, there has been little brush and tree control. At least that is until I moved in.

I have had my eye on opening up more pasture close to our buildings. The area I am working in is part of the lane that connects the north and south part of the property and is inside of the new windbreak plantings put in last spring. I have grazed part of this paddock for the last two years, but the lower part was thick with elms, brambles, and poison ivy. I will be fencing out our spring feed creek this year so many of the trees will be coming out for that project anyway. Most of what I have been removing is Chinese elms. I want to encourage the smaller black walnuts to come on. I have been piling limbs for eventual burning and stacking the trunks for possible fuel wood in the future. This time of year is just the best for tree work. I feel as close to my chain saw as Bruce Campbell must have in Army of Darkness.
Looking northwest at the cleared area from near the barn
Looking west at the cleared area from just south of the house

Chickens out enjoying the weather

In other news, I have been working on getting ready for the Iowa Network of Community Agriculture gathering in Perry. I will be co-presenting with Tai of Fox Hollow Poultry Farm about making money with poultry. I am also focused on strengthening our board and working out a plan moving forward for the organization. On the farm, Super Tom is getting better, but he is still limping a bit. A raccoon got in my shop and found a bag of acorns I was saving to plant this spring. Dispute the earlier content of this post, I love trees, just not junky trees. I especially like oak trees. I have three words for Mr. Raccoon, "IT IS ON." 

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  1. Ryan 1 and Mr. Raccoon 0
    Maya found him circling the compost bin tonight. I had time to scramble back to the house and get the 22. Once Raccoons become comfortable coming into the house yard, they become dangerous.