Saturday, December 31, 2016

Framing & Sheeting the Chicken Building

When last I left off a month ago, the chicken building was just bare concrete. Well a lot has changed in a month. The vast majority of my farm energy has gone into building this structure. 

Started with the West Wall

Then the East Wall

Completed East Wall

Running Rafters

 Several things got changed along the way.  The window in the west wall got moved to the south wall and then two smaller windows framed up. The east was initially six inches taller, but when I started assembling it, that got changed. It was just was too tall and hard to work on because of its height.

Horizontal Rafter Supports & Roof Extension

Fully Framed

The framing took about three weeks, then I went on to sheeting the walls to add strength before doing the roof, but with heavy rain forecast for  Christmas Day, I shifted to sheeting the roof and putting down felt to help keep the rain out of the building. Then I came back to finish up the walls. 

Roof Felt is On

Fully Sheeted

With all that done, the next step is house wrap followed by soffit instillation, window and door instillations, building up the roof, adding steel siding, running electrical wires, installing insulation, putting up internal sheeting, and painting the soffits in the spring. 

Christmas Hangover

I hope to be done soon, so I can get back to the normal winter activities of taxes, chainsawing, and planning out 2017. Until, then I got a full winter ahead of me. No time for sleeping on the job. Stay tuned for a look back at how things went in 2016 and what we are planning for 2017. 


  1. The bike racks at the front of the building will not be available for use. Use the new racks in the parking lot island, which has access from Fee Lane.

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