Monday, March 31, 2014

Let There Be Building

Spring is trying to get started as the weather struggles to yield nice days and the grass just begins to color the hills green in places. We are starting to to make plans for this year, by finally ordering chicks.  The uncertainty regarding the farm move is a nagging shadow over the plans. Facilities at the new place still require a lot of work. We need to fill in gaps in the fencing, replace rotten posts in existing fencing, get power hooked-up, and bring in water and get a water source hooked-up.

The new farm building just went up this past week. We have a number of photos below showing its construction. I am pleased to have the building finally available to us. So much of our equipment spent the winter outside, including the new tractor. Of course, now the tractor is running sluggish and will likely need filters changed and possibly the oil changed as well, but at least it started after this winter. I am just glad to have it out of the elements.

Farm Building Going Up

Framing Nears Completion

Steel Starts to Go Up

Our Daughter Investigating the Structure

Building Complete from a Distance

Building Complete Close-up

The first batch of broilers will arrive from a new source in Iowa the fourth week in April. That is two weeks later then I would have liked, but I was late to place the order and there seems to be a general shortage of hatching eggs at the moment. I also placed an order for turkeys, much earlier than I normally would. We will start turkeys the first week of June and see how things go.

Stay tuned as we try to pull things together and begin our production season soon. I hope to launch our new website, get our customer newsletter released, and send a survey out to our customers by the end of April. Considering the number of things that need attention because we have made almost no progress this winter on things, and how busy all of our weekends are in April, it will be a significant feat if we accomplish most of what we set out to do.

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