Sunday, June 5, 2011

Caught between Mortar and Pestle

Farming has not been easy or generous recently. Our primary energizer (8 Joule output) is broken. It stopped working a month ago and it is out being repaired. The back-up energizer (2 Joule output) is not doing the best job of containing our animals and they have been out a lot recently. Other then that, we are still hurting from our chicken debacle (hatchery sending us the wrong type of birds). We have also had heavy predator pressure form the raccoons on our layers so our egg production is limping along again.

The sheep are out, again

On the upside, we did get rid of one of the  raccoons, we did butch four sheep (however their carcasses were diminutive), and we might be selling some sheep off. I am trying to butcher and sell my sheep numbers down. The goal is to purge most of the Barbados blood in the herd and bring us back to where we should be. This will reduce our total herd down by 40%.

There just has not been much upside to farming this year yet. Nothing seems to be going well and we seem to find struggles in what should be simple for us. We are looking at ways (like getting rid of the lower quality sheep) to help the situation. Customer deliveries start up again in two weeks so I am looking forward to catching up with our customers.

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