Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Squeaking One Out

It is the end of June and we have a long way to go on the larger farm projects for the year, but slow progress is being made. We have a big deadline looming in late August, where we will likely be hosting a  Practical Farmers of Iowa grazing gathering. I would like to have the creek fencing done, our handling facilities well under way, if not done, and our main building cleaned out and reorganized. As well as having the yard mowed and trimmed, the sticks picked up, and the flower beds and garden weeded. I know it is a pipe dream, but it is something to shoot for.

Jim from Pella came out and we finished a long stretch of fence on the north side of the big center draw. There was much chain sawing, poison ivy, sweat, and damp grounder underfoot, but that section is done. One step closer to completion. On the south end of the farm, I continue to sink posts for fencing the smaller draw. I picked up a few used wood posts off Craigslist the other day to hopefully get me closer to finishing that project.

Section of Fence Completed Two weeks Ago with Andy Larson

Fencing completed today with Jim from Pella, it is a long section going well past the tree

On another note, we went through inspection on Tuesday and we now have our egg handlers license. This will allow us to sell eggs through the Iowa Food Cooperative soon. Speaking the Iowa Food Cooperative, the cart open tomorrow, so check out the great products available. We also got 20 older hens from Fox Hollow Poultry Farm; Thank you Tai. Fox Hollow is a great farm outside of Elkhart that sells to several Des Moines restaurants, the Des Moines Farmer's Market, and the Iowa Food Cooperative.

A few of the hens retired from Fox Hollow Poultry Farm

That is it for now. I was well below my goal on the number of posts I wanted for June, but I squeaked one more in there.

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