Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moving Ahead Again

We are slowly moving forward again. After the tough weather at the beginning of the month, we have all of our first batch of chickens outside. We got half out before the bad weather and the other half a week and a half later. They are doing pretty good and are eating a lot of feed.

Broilers on Pasture

Yesterday, I drove the truck and borrowed auger wagon up north of Marshalltown and came back 3400 pounds of feed. I hope that lasts me four weeks, because it is not cheap to have that much feed around. It is around a 4 hour trip. Plus you have about half an hour prep and another hour to get the tractor on the wagon and get the auger wagon dumped into the barge with a lid out in the field. 

Sheep Emerging from The Timber

Ram Lamb

I have come to really enjoy sheep. Sure, lambing season sucked and I will be culling several ewes that were a disappointment, but I have the bug. I am going out to Illinois soon to pick up numerous well priced ewes to bolster our numbers. In the timber, the sheep have been opening up the place and beating back the poison ivy. Permanent fencing is now starting to go in after the sheep graze starting with the corner  posts. 

Where the Sheep have been & Where They are Going

Where the Sheep have been

The cattle are doing well and soon the existing cattle and sheep will be combined with the new cows. I want to thank a customer, Todd Lippker for the great livestock photos shown here in this blog post. Bye for now.

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