Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Farm Has Been Coming Second

I must apologize for not posting much recently. I have been spending considerable time working on items for the Iowa Network of Community Agriculture (INCA), cleaning-up a number of loose ends, working to hire several consultants, doing some board recruitment, and trying to organize a gathering next month. It has left me very exhausted with the whole thing. INCA has been going through a transition for the past year or so and I would like to finish that work up in the next six months so INCA can stop focusing on its internal structure and back on programing.  There are many things on this farm that have been neglected because my attention has been away from it.

That being said, somethings keep moving forward. I am still doing tree clearing whenever I can find the time for it.  There is an area behind the shop that has been getting a considerable amount of my attention I figured I would show pictures of the progress so far.

I also got the cattle back out side on Saturday. The cattle are picking though the bales and are now using the outside waterer.

Saturday was also Janice's baby shower. We have been keeping the sex of the child secret until the shower. According to the ultrasound it is likely a girl.  Consider slipping this in here at the end of the post as a test to see how closely folks actually read the blog.

On another note, Tom the super turkey is not in good shape. When I found him today he was have trouble with what looks like an aggressive cold. I have isolated him and put him under a heat lamp. I have my fingers crossed, but I am highly concerned for him.


  1. Hehe I caught it :) I hope Tom gets over his cold..

  2. Congratulations! Looking forward to hearing her name. :)

  3. I am 99% sure we will call her Hazel Lillian.